The land was born of the Ice Age. Carved by glaciers that created a steep gravel ridge which then retreated, leaving behind an enormous block of ice buried in the outwash. That mammoth cube melted to become a 35 ft deep spring fed lake.  In the 19th century, the Kopmeier family owned the land.  The lake, now known as Kopmeier Lake, and the land around it was acquired by the Conservancy to protect it from future development forever.  

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Funds raised is $2.5 million with a remaining $2.4 million needed to complete the Healing Garden and Nature Trails. ​

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Ice Age History 

A healing garden, woodland and wetland paths, a healing chapel in the woods, a glacier lake and overlook decks.

  Welcome to the Conservancy

Located in Franklin, WI,  the Conservancy for Healing and Heritage is a 36-acre parcel of land in southeastern Wisconsin that features a rare combination of ecosystems.   This unique piece of land is Milwaukee County’s only kettle and glacier lake. And for the first time, it will be open to the public.  

We are protecting this natural habitat while creating shared spaces for peace, comfort, inspiration and education. The trails, healing garden, Healing Chapel in the Woods, and Kopmeier Lake are surrounded by forestland with a history leading back to the settlement of greater Milwaukee in the 19th century.  The lake is flanked by a steep glacial moraine covered in mesic hardwoods.  The forest floor is alive with wildflowers in the spring and mushrooms in the fall. Stay awhile - celebrate, relax, rejuvenate, restore.

The Conservancy is located between W. Rawson Avenue and W. Loomis Road, between S. 74th and S. 68th Streets in Franklin, WI.  The 36 acres includes Kopmeier Lake, a spring fed glacier lake, the only glacier lake in Milwaukee County.


“Viewing forest landscapes, for even short periods of time, has relaxing effects such as lower blood pressure and heart rate.” -- Nature Sacred

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